Birmingham Buddhist Vihara
(Registered Charity No. 513368)
Osler Street, Ladywood, Birmingham,
B16 9EU UK, Phone: 0121 454 6591
Email: Ven. Dr. Rewata Dhamma. PhD
(Spiritual Director)


All pages Copyright 2002
Ven. Dr.Rewata Dhamma You are
welcome to distribute freely, providing
you charge no fees. Otherwise, all rights reserved

Short Articles on Bhante Rewata Dhamma life

Short Articles on the path of purification

Buddhism: rights, justice and responsibilities

Human and environmental crisis

Transcendental wisdom and modern knowledge

What I Expect of Friendship with Christians

Buddhism and socical justice

The concept of Arahanta

Samatha meditation objects

Tradintional wisdom and modern knowledge

Teaching for many Talk Given at Buddhist Society

Globalising Spiritual Values Speech Given Millenium Summit of World Religious Leaders,
United Nations Headquater, New York, 2000

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